TAC is back!

The Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a collection of teens who partner with Branch District Library to help make a positive difference in our community. When teens were asked why they were involved in TAC, they listed several reasons: to travel, to make a difference, to be heard, for the food, etc. If you think you may be interested, please fill out the form below! Or print out this paper form (or get one at any library branch!) and return it to the library.

These don’t have to be related to books; be creative and think of programs you would come to if they were offered!

By submitting this form, you agree to the following rules if you are selected for TAC membership:

  • Members must attend monthly meetings. If a member must miss a meeting, that member should contact the Teen Services Coordinator. Three unexcused absences in one year is grounds for dismissal from TAC.
  • Members agree to be respectful and courteous of other TAC members, the Teen Services Coordinator, other library staff, and library users.
  • Members must be willing to participate in library activities, programs, brainstorming sessions, and talk to their peers about the teen events at the Branch District Library. It is understood that schedules, school, jobs, family, and other obligations will not allow for participation in all events, but a willingness to attend is key.
  • Members understand that their images may be used on various promotional materials for TAC and the library while they are part of this group.
  • Members will propose and assist with programming at the Branch District Library. Members will also participate in regular volunteer events with the rest of the committee.
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